periodical phenomena

radio piece

Periodical Phenomena is an acoustic triptych.
Scenarios in three different places are acoustically captured at the same time
each with different methods of recording and transmitted in real time to a broadcasting station
that goes on the air with the synchronously overlapping signals.
For the listener, the three sound sources are perceived simultaneously.
Common to all three scenarios is that they are based on certain cycles:
the configurations that appear when solar particles penetrate the earth’s magnetic field.
the seasonal periodicity of underwater currents.
pulsed operations conducted at particle accelerators.
Parallel to this, instrumental interventions are interspersed in the broadcast.
The rhythmic and harmonic patterns of the delocalized sound-streams are analyzed by means of computer technology and notated using compositional methods that reflect the extended playing techniques of the instrumentalists, thus providing the score.

german text


Lofoten, Norway / natural radio waves / vlf recording

Attersee, Austria / underwater / hydrophone recording

Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin, Synchotron / conventional and boundary microphone recording


Michael Moser - Cello / Valerio Tricoli - Tape Recorder / Morten Olsen - Bassdrum

in cooperation with:

swr 2 / oe1 zeit-ton / nrk / deutschlandradio / helmholtz zentrum berlin / polarlightcenter laukvik /