The Speaker

Pan Daijing / Valerio Tricoli / Werner Dafeldecker

The Speaker is a composition for one vocalist and a six channels acousmonium diffusing electronic sound, and could be described as a form of aural theatre. Largely based on recordings of vocal improvisations, or rather self investigations through spoken language and singing by Pan Daijing, The Speaker explores the interlocking themes of solipsism, paranoia, identity within an artificial system of representation, to stage an internal world dominated by the awareness of an inherent lack of meaningful connections between the "facts" that make up one's reality: a dis-integrated world, a series of disconnected monads floating in one's Void. However, Void is here not the opposite of "full", but a necessary space of vitality, where facts are possibilities which can keep on renewing, where nothing can be simply classified, arrested or reified. Through the course of the piece the tension between the immediate expression of vocal sounds and their human, bodily carrier is questioned in its relation with the artificial system of electronic sound production and diffusion: the performer presence and the sound diffusion devices act at times as separated incompatible subjects; at times a dialogue between them is built; eventually a transformation, a metamorphosis of one into the other is achieved."

werner dafeldecker ยท The Speaker