lucio capece / werner dafeldecker

Iteration documents two sets from an improvised duo performance between Berlin-based musicians
Werner Dafeldecker and Lucio Capece recorded at the “Offene Ohren” concert series in Munich in May 2019.
While the two have played together periodically for over a decade, this is the first time they’ve documented
the collaboration. Capece is credited with bass clarinet, slide saxophone and mini speakers with feedback
and room amplification and that active sonification of the space combines with Dafeldecker’s bass to create richly striated, slowly morphing layers. Both have been deeply focused on these strategies in collective improvisation for years now. That unwavering attention to ultra-nuanced timbral interplay comes through on both of the pieces on this recording.

In an interview with Dafeldecker on the Another Timbre site, the bassist talks about his shared history with Capece. “We share similar interests and a similar history when it comes to content and methodology in improvised music… When I refer to shared history I mean that both of us have been interested in improvisational concepts away from emotional expression and/or jazz-routed music. I think we also share a non-dogmatic approach when it comes to the term “reductionist” music.
In my opinion the term is an imposed category which tries to describe a social cultural shift of the values in that specific field of music at that time. Density or emotionality were often replaced by a certain degree of clarity of structure and tonal accuracy. I clearly have been involved in that relocation which, like every change, leaves its mark.” That sense structural clarity and attention to tonal interaction is paramount to these two improvisations. 

Michael Rosenstein, Dusted Magazine