echoes of humanity

piece for radio by lawrence english / werner dafeldecker

Echoes Of Humanity is a work that draws breath from the seemingly barren interior of Australia.
It contemplates the evolving relationship of humankind's incursions into complex environments and the tensions that erupt from such activities. Meditating on the the desert and the many readings of this space,
this work traces out the route of a reimagined ‘Australian Telegraph Line’, perhaps the most important communication project of early Australian colonial history. Rather than running south to north as the original line did, Echoes Of Humanity follows a imagined east to west journey across the outback, crossing over with the real Telegraph station located just outside Alice Springs. Like similar regions found at the poles or deep underwater, the desert is an environment that offers few possibilities for permanent settlement. It's exterior appearance brings to the mind's eye a lifeless, sandy tundra upon which life of any kind cannot take root.
But examine closer, beyond the macro view and a rich dense ecosystem appears, one in which survival permeates. Ultimately though all animals must adapt, migrate with the seasons or perish. It is these conditions that result in incredible rich sound fields, which were recorded across Australia over a 24 month period from early 2014 through to November 2015. Echos of humanities seeks to reimagine the memories of human habitation, exploration and equally come to understand that deserts are dynamic, rich environments that require time and investigation if they are to be understood.

in cooperation with: swr 2 - ars acustica